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Vomiting and Type 1 Diabetes - "Never Assume"

Every person with Type 1 Diabetes who has nausea or vomiting MUST be assumed to have diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) until proven otherwise.

  • Vomiting requires URGENT assessment by checking blood glucose and blood ketones.
  • RAPID deterioration can occur in DKA and may be life-threatening.
  • NEVER ASSUME that the cause of vomiting is food poisoning, “gastro”, excessive alcohol, migraine, coeliac contamination or any other cause until it is clear that:
    • Insulin has been effectively administered and
    • Blood glucose and blood ketones are not elevated.

Dr Peter Goss FRACP (Vic)
Australian Paediatric Society Diabetes Committee
5th August 2021

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Type 1 Diabetes and Vomiting Never assume